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Featured Biggar Business : Harvey’s Walkies, Daycare and Boarding

Featured Biggar Business: Harvey’s Walkies, Daycare and Boarding

Let me introduce myself, I am Jen Crighton, grew up in and surrounding Biggar my whole life.

Basically a stay-at-home mum now, with my eldest child now an adult in his own right, I felt it was time for me to choose a career, not just to pay the bills, but to fulfil my passion and love for dogs and the outdoors. a job I love to get up every single day for.

Started by volunteering to walk dogs for Dogs Trust in West Calder, after being a stay-home mum for many years. Fell in-love with all the homeless dogs (as you would expect), and with the job.

I became fascinated in dogs individual behaviours and personalities, i then decided to start my own small dog-care business. Put myself through some canine behaviour and first aid courses. But in reality, i have learned much more by spending time with dogs day-in day-out, and by watching them, than i did from any books/websites. Not to say the books/websites are not useful, just that i am a more visual learner.

Harvey came into our lives in September 2016, and has been the inspiration behind my business name. He is now 3 and works alongside me every day, he very much has a key role in helping me assess new dogs, before bringing them into my groups. He is also instrumental at helping dogs relax and settle into my home, when boarding too.

I claim to be NO expert or professional in any respect, But i do have a real passion and affinity for dogs, i am never happier, than when i am up to my eyes in paws, tails and dog breath!

Best smell in the world is dogs paws; when a relaxed dog stretches out over you, and an upturned paw presents itself, i just have to have a sniff…its heaven!

Look forward too meeting you, please enjoy browsing the pics of my gorgeous ‘work colleagues’.


Jen & Harvey

Visit our page: Harvey’s Walkies, Daycare and Boarding


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