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Are you a local retailer or artisan who would like to sell your products online, but don’t have the time or skills to set it all up yourself? is equipped with powerful e-commerce capabilities, that are available free of charge to local Biggar businesses and entrepreneurs. (We will take a small % charge of sales only).

Social Commerce

This includes “Social Commerce” features – This refers to the integration of e-commerce shopping with social media networks and technologies.

For example offering loyalty incentives and rewards in exchange for sharing products across your Facebook contacts. We will work with you to design these types of marketing campaigns to help boost sales of your products.

Setting up.. is a new initiative, and we’re in the set up mode for Shop @

As part of this pilot period we are looking to work with a select few beta partners, putting online the first one or two products, so that we can finalize the technology and business model operations.

If you would like to be one of our early beta partners, contact us.